Middle Hitter Quiz #3

Guess the Two Teams

The following video clip was provided by USAV as part of their Boys Volleyball CD.  USAV has developed promotional CDs for developing boys, girls, youth, disabled,  beach, and NIRSA programs as well as a CD directed towards players. In an effort to increase involvement in Boys Volleyball, USAV is planning a major campaign targeted at growing the sport.  Interested players, fans, and coaches are invited to register for a free e-newsletter subscription for Rotations at http://www.usavolleyball.org/freenewsletter.  For further information on getting  more involved in USAV or starting your own Boys Volleyball team at your school or club please contact USAV at mvp@usav.org.  

I have created two quiz questions for viewers to respond to.  The correct answers will be posted sometime after the 2nd question has been posted.

The second question is:

Who are the two teams playing in this 18's Junior Olympic Championship match?

(Vote twice - one for each team)

View the video (DIVX version-slow startup)

View the video (WMV version)

These are the same exact videos as the first question!

Balboa Bay

Seaside Black

Kenneth Allen VBC

Laguna Beach

Reebok Palisades

Borinquen Gardens


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