Boy's Volleyball USAV JO Bids



Official Full List

Team Event
SMBC 18 Black SoCal
Synergy 18 Walt SoCal
Santa Barbara 18-1 SoCal
Highline 18 Black SoCal
Riptides 18 orange SoCal
Diablo Valley 18 Black SoCal
Balboa Bay 18 Quicksilver SoCal
Seaside 18 Black SoCal
SPVB 18 Mizuno Gateway
STL High Perf 18 Orange Gateway
SPVB 18 Runbird Gateway
Pace 18 Black CanAm
RVC 18-1 CanAm
Yorktowne NEVA 18 CanAm
Chicago Select 18 Blk WI Fest
Northshore Milwaukee 18-1 WI Fest
Missouri Thunder 18-1 WI Fest
Ultimate 18 Gold WI Fest
Bay-to-Bay 18 Blue NorCal
Beach Juniors Penn State
Eden Power Mizuno 18 Penn State
Rolling Thunder 18 Blue Great Lakes
Cincinnati Attack 18 Red Great Lakes
Lions Jrs 18 Great Lakes
Long Island VBC East Coast



Official Full List

Team Event
Riptides 17 Orange SoCal
Pacific Pali 17 Black SoCal
NorCal Exp 17-1 SoCal
SMBC 17 Black SoCal
LBC 17 Black SoCal
Ultimate 17 Gold SoCal
Epic 17 Matt SoCal
Balboa Bay 17 Quicksilver SoCal
Northshore 17-1 Gateway
STL High Perf 17 Orange Gateway
SPVB 17 Mizuno Gateway
Torrimar 17 CanAm
Pace 17 Black CanAm
Durham Attack 17 CanAm
Bison 17 Gold WI Fest
Adversity 17 Elite WI Fest
Orlando Gold 17 Kaepa WI Fest
Circus 17 Red WI Fest
SCVC 17-1 NorCal
Club Lehigh 17 Penn State
Yorktowne 17 Penn State
Eden Mizuno 17-1 Black Penn State
Sky High 17 Cyngus Great Lakes
STL High Perf 17 Blue Great Lakes
Chicago Select 17 Black Great Lakes
Warren Six Pak 17-1 East Coast
Coastal Jammers East Coast
Long Island VBC 17-1 East Coast

Official Full List

Team Event
LBC 16 Black SoCal
SMBC 16 Black SoCal
Balboa Bay 16 Quicksilver SoCal
Orange Coast 16 White SoCal
Seaside 16 Black SoCal
Central Cal 16 Gold SoCal
Balboa Bay 16 Blue SoCal
Synergy 16 Walt SoCal
Next Level 16 Gateway
Northshore 16-1 Gateway
Adversity 16 Elite Gateway
Torrimar 16 CanAm
Yorktowne 16-1 CanAm
Pack Black 16-1 CanAm
Ultimate 16 Gold WI Fest
SPVB 16 Mizuno WI Fest
Chicago Select 16 Black WI Fest
Missouri Thunder 16-1 WI Fest
Riptides SB Orange 16-2 NorCal
Fresno Red 16-1 NorCal
STL High Perf 16 Orange Great Lakes
LIVBC 16 Great Lakes
Ultimate 16 Blue Great Lakes
Rolling Thunder 16 Blue Penn State
Beantown 16 Black Penn State
United 16-1 Penn State
RVC 16-1 East Coast
Lakeside Riptide East Coast
Powerstation East Coast


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