Jo Info Medals Winner 2019

949 14 BlackSoCal
A4 Volley 14SoCal
Balboa Bay 14 BlueSoCal
Bay to Bay 14-1NorCal
Borinquen Coqui 14Gateway
Chicago Bounce 14 RedGateway
Cincinatti Volleyball Academy 14 BlackGreat Lakes Winter
Club Criollos 14Gateway
Epic 14 FelixAt Large
Indy Elite 14 NationalsGreat Lakes Winter
Kaizen 14Southwest
Lockport 14 BlackNortheastern
Louisville Fury 14 SmackGreat Lakes Winter
Maryland (MVP) 14-1CAN-AM
MB Surf 14 AsicsSoCal
Miami United 14Florida Fest
Milwaukee 14 JimAt Large
Milwaukee Sting 14 AdidasGreat Lakes Winter
Mountain View 14 RedNorCal
Na Wahine O Hilo 14 Keaukaha CuzinsHawaii
NCVC 14-1NorCal
Next Level 14Great Lakes Winter
Niagra Frontier 14 GoldCAN-AM
Outrigger 14SoCal
Richmond 14-1Northeastern
Rochester Bootlegger 14 BlackCAN-AM
SB Coast 14At Large
SCVC 14 QuiksilverSoCal
SMBC 14 AdidasSoCal
STL High Performance 14 RoyalGreat Lakes Winter
Team Rockstar 14-1SoCal
Vaqueros 14Copa
Wave 14 SkylerSoCal
Winter Park 14 ArmourGreat Lakes Winter
352 Elite 15 LimeSoCal
Academy Sport Long Island 15 RedNortheastern
Adversity 15 AdidasGreat Lakes Winter
Aspire 15 BlackGreat Lakes Winter
AZ Fear 15SoCal
AZ Fear 15 RWGreat Lakes Winter
Balboa Bay 15 BlueSoCal
Bay to Bay 15-1NorCal
Borinquen Coqui 15-1Copa
Chicago Bounce 15 RedGateway
Cincinatti Attack 15 BlackGreat Lakes Winter
Coast 15 ChrisSoCal
D1 15 GreenGateway
Excel 15 RedSouthwest
Florida Mojo 15 DoradosFlorida Fest
Hitmen 15 EliteGateway
Hot Shot 15CAN-AM
Houston Volleyball Academy 15 Performance RedNortheastern
Long Island 15Northeastern
Maryland (MVP) 15-1CAN-AM
MB Surf 15 AsicsSoCal
Milwaukee 15 WillGreat Lakes Winter
Mountain View 15 RedNorCal
Niagra Frontier 15 GoldCAN-AM
OCVC 15 RedSoCal
Pacific Rim 15-1At Large
Pinnacle 15At Large
SCVC 15 QuiksilverAt Large
Seaside 15 BlackAt Large
SG Elite 15 EliteSoCal
Spike N Serve 15Great Lakes Winter
Sports Performance 15 EliteGreat Lakes Winter
Torrimar 15-1Great Lakes Winter
Ultimate 15 GoldGreat Lakes Winter
352 Elite 16 LimeSoCal
Academy Sport Long Island 16 RedNortheastern
Austin Junior 16 MizunoGateway
AZ Fear 16 TSSoCal
Balboa Bay 16 BlueSoCal
Bay to Bay 16-1NorCal
Borinquen Coqui 16Gateway
Chicago Bounce 16 RedGreat Lakes Winter
Coast 16 BryanGateway
Coastal 16 JasonNortheastern
Hitmen 16 EliteGreat Lakes Winter
Houston Volleyball Academy 16 PerformanceAt Large
Long Island 16 NationalNortheastern
MB Surf 16 AsicsAt Large
Milwaukee 16 JonGateway
Milwaukee Sting 16 LightningAt Large
Mountain View 16 RedGreat Lakes Winter
NCVC 16-1At Large
Niagra Frontier 16 GoldCAN-AM
OCVC 16 RedSoCal
Outrigger 16Great Lakes Winter
Pinnacle 16Great Lakes Winter
Rochester Bootlegger 16 BlackCAN-AM
San Clemente 16SoCal
San Juan 16 OrlanGreat Lakes Winter
SB Coast 16 BlueSoCal
Serve City 16 NationalAt Large
SG Elite 16 EliteSoCal
Sports Performance 16 EliteGreat Lakes Winter
STL High Performance 16 RoyalGreat Lakes Winter
Team Rockstar 16-1SoCal
The Academy 16-1Gateway
Top Select 16 RoyalFlorida Fest
Torrimar 16-1Great Lakes Winter
Ultimate 16 GoldAt Large
Vegas United 16 NavyGreat Lakes Winter
Warren Sixpak 16-1Florida Fest
Wave 16 JedFlorida Fest
Yorktowne 16 BlueCAN-AM
352 Elite 17 LimeFlorida Fest
949 17 BlackSoCal
Arlington Elite 17CAN-AM
AZ Fear 17Great Lakes Winter
Balboa Bay 17 BlueSoCal
Borinquen Coqui 17Great Lakes Winter
Brooklyn Elite 17Great Lakes Winter
Chicago Bounce 17 RedGreat Lakes Winter
Club Lehigh 17 Power SurgeNortheastern
Coast 17 BrettAt Large
D1 17 GreenAt Large
Epic 17 PatSoCal
Excel 17 RedGateway
Hitmen 17 EliteGreat Lakes Winter
MB Surf 17 AsicsAt Large
Milwaukee 17 BrianAt Large
Milwaukee 17 JakeGateway
Milwaukee Sting 17 AdidasGateway
Mountain View 17 RedGreat Lakes Winter
MVP 17 FireAt Large
OCVC 17 RedSoCal
Orlando Gold 17 BlackAt Large
Outrigger 17Great Lakes Winter
Pacific Rim 17 PRVANorCal
Pinnacle 17SoCal
Ponce Powerhouse 17 PumasNortheastern
Richmond 17-1Florida Fest
Rochester Bootlegger 17CAN-AM
SCVC 17 QuiksilverSoCal
Spike N Serve 17Great Lakes Winter
Sports Academy 17-1SoCal
STL High Performance 17 RoyalGateway
Team Rockstar 17-1At Large
Torrimar 17-1Gateway
Ultimate 17 GoldGreat Lakes Winter
Vanguard 17 GoldGreat Lakes Winter
Warren Sixpak 17 BlackCAN-AM
Wave 17 PratteAt Large
Yorktowne 17 BlueNortheastern
949 18 BlackSoCal
Adversity 18 AdidasGateway
Aspire 18 BlackGreat Lakes Winter
Austin Juniors 18 MizunoSouthwest
Balboa Bay 18 BlacjSoCal
Bay to Bay 18-1NorCal
Carolina UVC 18 OnslaughtFlorida Fest
Coast 18 JakeSoCal
East Coast 18-1Northeastern
First Coast 18-1Northeastern
Hitmen 18 EliteGateway
Island Volleyball Academy 18 RedGreat Lakes Winter
Legacy 18 EliteSoCal
Louisville Fury 18 SmackGreat Lakes Winter
MB Surf 18 AsicsSoCal
Milwaukee 18 BradGateway
Milwaukee 18 PhilGreat Lakes Winter
Mountain View 18 RedGreat Lakes Winter
MVP 18 FireGreat Lakes Winter
Orlando Gold 18 BlackGreat Lakes Winter
Outrigger 18 AlanAt Large
Pac6 18 BlueSoCal
Pinnacle 18At Large
Pipeline 18 NikeGateway
Rochester Bootlegger 18CAN-AM
SB Coast 18At Large
SCVC 18 QuiksilverSoCal
Seaside 18 BlackAt Large
Sports Performance 18 EliteGreat Lakes Winter
STL High Performance 18 RoyalSoCal
Team Rockstar 18-1SoCal
The Volleyball Practice (TVP) 18-1Northeastern
Ultimate 18 RedGreat Lakes Winter
Uno 18 EliteGreat Lakes Winter
Vanguard 18 GoldFlorida Fest
Vegas United 18 NavySoCal
Warren Sixpak 18CAN-AM
Wave 18 DarrellFlorida Fest
Yorktowne 18 BlueCAN-AM