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This Page is No Longer Available

I have reluctantly decided to stop collecting all (DI, DII, DIII, NAIA) men's volleyball scores which are used for the MHPR calculations. The interest in the rankings has been dropping the past few years. It has also been taking me anywhere from two to eight hours a week to collect missing match results and entering them into the database. Only about 10-15% of the schools enter their results on a routine basis and we now have over 200 programs. Since I will no longer have the results I can no longer provide Pablo the data needed to perform the calculation. I will retain the old MHPR results on the website for at lease one year but will not be publishing them beginning in 2019.

Please continue to enjoy all of the other Middle Hitter features including: Front Page News, Commits, JO Info, Recruiting and Professional Players data.

Lastly, if you know of an organization or individual who is interested in maintaining the rankings feel free to suggest they reach out to me.