2013 Junior National Championships

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949 18 BlackSoCal
AVC Cleveland Rox Spire 18CAN-AM
Balboa Bay 18 HurleySoCal
Bones 18SoCal
Coast 18 QuiksilverSoCal
Coastal 18 NavyNittany
Diablo Bay Truth 18-1NorCal
Ku'IKAHI 18R RoShamBoSoCal
MB Surf Nike 18SoCal
Mountain View 18 RedNorCal
NCVC Black 18-1NorCal
North Shore Milwaukee 18 BradWI Fest
Pace 18 BootleggerCAN-AM
Pittsburgh 18 BlackNittany
Richmond 18-1Nittany
SCVC 18 QuiksilverSoCal
SMBC 18 BlackSoCal
Sports Performance 18 MizunoGreat Lakes Winter
STL High Performance B18 GoldSoCal
Storm 18-1Florida Fest
Tampa Bay Invaders 18Great Lakes Winter
The HBC 18 TylerSoCal
Ultimate 18 GoldGreat Lakes Winter
Vanguard 18 NationalWI Fest
WVA 18 NightmaresWI Fest
Yorktowne 18 BlueCAN-AM

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