2012 Junior National Championships

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Balboa Bay 18 HurleySoCal
Balboa Bay 18 WhiteSoCal
Bay to Bay 18-1NorCal
Clovis 18-1NorCal
Club Lehigh 18CAN-AM
CVC 18-1WI Fest
D1 Chicago 18 BerzinsWI Fest
Eden 18 MizunoNittany
ENVOL 18 CarlosGreat Lakes Winter
Epic 18 DarrellSoCal
Legacy 18-1SoCal
Long Island 18 NationalNittany
MB Surf 18SoCal
Mountain View 18-1 RedNorCal
North Shore Milwaukee B18-BradWI Fest
Pace 18 BootleggerCAN-AM
Pipeline 18 QuiksilverGateway
Pittsburgh 18 BlackGreat Lakes Winter
Richmond 18-1East Coast
San Juan 18Florida Fest
SCVC 18 QuiksilverSoCal
Seaside 18 BlackAt Large
SMBC 18 BlackAt Large
Southtowns 18East Coast
Sports Performance 18 MizunoSoCal
STL High Performance 18 GoldGreat Lakes Winter
Storm 18-1East Coast
Tampa Bay Invaders 18Florida Fest
The HBC 18-1 TylerSoCal
The HBC 18-2 ScottSoCal
Ultimate 18 BlueGateway
Ultimate 18 GoldSoCal
Vaqueros 18-1Florida Fest
Warren Sixpak 18-1Nittany
West Allis Lightning 18Gateway
Yorktowne 18 BlueCAN-AM

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