Boy's Volleyball USAV JO Medals

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Club - TeamMedalAge
Ventura County 18 YoshGold18
Long Island 18Silver18
OCVC 18-1Bronze18
TVP 18Bronze18
West Edge 17Gold17
SG Elite 17 EliteSilver17
Kaizen 17Bronze17
Bay to Bay 17-2Bronze17
Legacy 16 EliteGold16
HVA 16-1Silver16
Seaside 16 BlackBronze16
Milwaukee Sting 16 BlackBronze16
AZ Fear 15 TSGold15
NCVC 15 AsicsSilver15
Epic 15 CharlieBronze15
Long Island 15Bronze15
Balboa Bay 14 WhiteGold14
AZ Fear 14 BPSilver14
Bay to Bay 14 ClubBronze14
Balboa Bay 13 BlueBronze14

USAV had a third place (bronze) playoff from 2009 to 2012 resulting in only one bronze medal